Building up to the most important Public Sector period in the year, Tech Data has released the Public Sector Peak Guide to enable resellers through this key period, and to help you make the most of this opportunity.

Read the online copy HERE

As expectations rise and people and workers become more tech-savvy, the public sector is being compelled to look at IT as a key enabler for the transformation of services. By working with Tech Data, you can discover how our specialist teams and unique tools can help you identify and address public sector opportunities such as this.

We can support you in working with the public sector to help you get positive results for everyone – you, your customers and the people they serve. From Pricing & Bid support to Vendor Partner Programmes, from our Demand Generation Portal to Government Insights, Tech Data can help you win more public sector business.

For information about the services we offer within the public sector, visit or email

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