Tech data has partnered with proprietary employee benefits specialist Grass Roots to offer businesses an easy way to offer their workforce a salary sacrifice scheme for smart home products.

Grass Roots’ Techscheme enables employees to spread the cost of purchasing smart home solutions. Products can be paid for over a set period of time with payments deducted directly from the staff member’s salary. Grass Roots can offer the scheme for purchases of any value, making it easily accessible to every employee. It also offers interest-free credit with no formal checks.

 Techscheme is already aligned with the HMRC rules in terms of the way benefits are offered (i.e. with National Insurance relief is available for employees only), which means it is unaffected by the recently-announced changes to some Salary Sacrifice schemes.

Teresa Johnston, Smart Home Business Development Manager at Tech Data, said: “Salary Sacrifice programmes are increasingly popular and Grass Roots’ Techscheme is a great idea and makes it incredibly easy for people to get the latest technology into their homes for a discounted price. As well as offering significant savings for employees, it can help to excite and encourage them to sell smart home solutions. By generating that real enthusiasm for products amongst their teams, both retailers and resellers should see a positive impact on their sales.”

Giovanni De Flora, Product Leader at Grass Roots, said: “Techscheme embraces the future by focusing on innovative new categories like Smart Home, Smart Health and Wearables alongside the latest technology employees want such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and TVs. Products are made accessible to all by spreading the cost and making savings on NI, and there’s a wide range to suit all budgets.”

The scheme is entirely free of charge to employer companies and Grass Roots takes care of all management and administration.

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