Tech Data has signed an exclusive deal to bring the SpotCam home security cameras and cloud-based monitoring service to the UK retail market.

SpotCam combines a simple indoor and outdoor motion-sensitive IP cameras and a free online service that can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Users can receive alerts when motion is detected by the cameras by email or mobile app, and watch real-time video of their covered location.

Users can control the camera remotely and footage from the previous 24-hours will be recorded free of charge. For additional subscriptions, users can have video retained for three, seven or 30 days. Video is recorded in 720P HD (1280×720) at 30 frames per second and automatic infrared LEDs combined with motorised corrective optics means they are effective in the dark too.  SpotCam is certified ISO27001 – the internet data security standard – and provides 256k encryption for the video data transfer and storage.

The cameras connect via WiFi and can be set up in moments via the website. There are indoor and outdoor (waterproof) static camera options and also an indoor device with pan, zoom and tilt capability. They also have two-way audio capability.

Teresa Johnston, Smart Home Business Development Manager at Tech Data UK, says: “Home security is a real concern for many people now and the two factors that are most important to them are simplicity and affordability. SpotCam delivers on both counts and makes it really easy to set up and monitor their home, remote areas like stables or gardens, or small office premises.  We think they present more retailers with a good opportunity to get customers genuinely interested in home security.”

SpotCam was founded in Taiwan in 2013 by experts in video streaming, cloud server storage and web applications and its product range is now distributed globally. In the UK it is the first HD WiFi camera to be certified by the approval body, Secured By Design ( The current range is the beginning of a family of products that will be specifically designed for the IoT home market.

The Spotcam IP cameras are available from Tech Data right away.

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