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Tag: ChromeBit

Picking the Right Chrome Device

Tech Data offers distribution and deployment of Chrome devices, the Google Chrome Device Management and Chromebox for Meetings making us the leading distributor for Chrome in the UK.

To help you choose the right Chrome Device for your customers, Tech Data have a new tool that will help select the device best suited for their needs.…

Upgrade your Monitor to a Fully Functioning PC with ChromeBit


Giving users a level of versatility previously unavailable, ChromeBit allows for quick and easy upgrades of out-of-date tech. ChromeBit is essentially a computer in a compact stick design, connecting to a monitor and upgrading its usage to a fully-fledged PC. 

Whether a school wishes to upgrade their bank of monitors for students, or a business needs to save desk space, the ChromeBit has the ability to upgrade devices across a vast range of technology.…