Get special prices within a few minutes.

Lenovo have created a new unified partner portal so you can use one login to access everything you need to do business. Find the best-in class tools all in one place including sales, product, marketing and training functionality.

Why Lenovo Partner Portal?

  • Register for special pricing at the click of a button
  • By being registered you are entitled to supported pricing from Lenovo on any end user opportunities
  • Not only can you get better pricing but you can also get this pricing in a much quicker time frame on a wide range of products
  • You get full visibility of all the Lenovo Top seller products and promo’s running
  • You can raise these bids yourself, or we can raise them for you internally at Tech Data (For us to raise them for you, you must register first)

As soon as your registration is confirmed, you qualify for a range of benefits and can work towards Premium and Gold partner status to enjoy even more. Become a partner today: 

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