Featuring a 86” 4K touch display, dazzling visuals, and designed for seamless collaboration.

Create the perfect presentation with any array of impactful features:

Exceptional viewing
Brilliant 4K resolution will keep audiences engaged and captivated, while consistent colours in the display ensure a wide view angle for clear, crisp, and vivid visuals.

Optimal performance
Dell monitor technology optimises fonts and ensures all visuals appear sharp, without the need for compromise of processing and activation of everyday programs like Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Consistent clarity
Reduce audience distraction with anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings to cancel out reflections and fingerprints.

Built for bigger groups
Ideal for conference rooms, boasting an impressive 86” touch screen. The perfect viewing arena for rooms of up to 12 people.

Get just the right touch with:

Constructive collaboration
20 touch points with innovative InGlass Technology, means multiple people can interact with the screen simultaneously using the touch or stylises. Group collaboration has never been simpler, more intuitive, and seamless.

Smooth interaction
The 2 included styluses allow a natural and real time writing experience, directly onto the screen without any lagging.

User-friendly functionality
The simple switch between pen and finger is easily differentiated, and touch functionality is supported on virtually all industry-standard software.

 • Included interactive software
DisplayNote- industry leading software for collaboration, allows presenters to share their computer screen, while other users can take screen shots, make notes, and save content on their own device.

Discover the Dell C8618QT today

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