The business-rugged tablet helps your customers stay productive wherever their work takes them.

Its rugged design means it can seamlessly switch from the office to challenging work settings such as a construction site or factory floor. Alongside its IP68-rated water and dust resistance, the Galaxy Tab Active2 can be used confidently outdoors.

Your customers customers can’t always access a power socket when they’re working offsite, so the tablets’s battery can easily be replaced to maintain productivity, simply carry a fully charged battery.

With bio-metric security built in, it doesn’t matter who gets their hands on your customer’s tablet- only they will be able to lock and unlock the device using their unique fingerprint or facial profile. Not only is the Galaxy Tab Active2 tough on the outside, it is also powerful on the inside too. With 3GB of RAM and a 1.6GHz Octa-core processor to make light work of data-intensive tasks.


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