Enhanced ergonomic comfort 

Experience higher productivity levels using Ergotron’s HX Dual arm. The HX features a new post design that frees up space and allows positioning of your displays for greater productivity. Sleek and streamlined, it accommodates large screens weighing up to 19 kg.

Easy monitor height adjustment is achieved with a handle already included in the product package while cable management feature routes cables tightly under the arm and through the extension, reassuring a ‘clean’ working surface.

The HX dual monitor arm is the perfect accessory to add flexibility and superior ergonomics to your monitor or TV. The sleek design combined with the dual hinge bow works with two 32″ monitors and the folding arm frees up space in constrained areas and increases comfort, reducing eye, neck, and back strain. The HX Dual Monitor Arm also passes Ergotron’s 10,000-cycle motion test, which ensures years of trouble-free height adjustment.

Available in white or polished aluminium, the HX Dual Monitor Arm is the perfect product to make your desk space fantastically ergonomic, whilst remaining sleek and stylish.

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