Shrinking education budgets make it a challenge to deliver the computer speed and reliability students and teachers need to succeed.

Crucial memory and SSDs is an easy way to improve the performance of your school’s existing systems that’s significantly more affordable than buying new computers.

Here are 7 ways schools can benefit from more Memory and SSDs:

  1. Maximise class time and keep students engaged
  2. Book online classes, virtual classes, and educational apps
  3. Better withstand the punishment of everyday classroom use
  4. Use more intensive apps or programs
  5. Improve student and teacher performance without draining your IT budgets
  6. Avoid lengthy downtime upgrading your systems
  7. Ensure compatibility with other systems

School computers don’t have to be slow just because they’re older or not the latest model. You can extend the life of your school’s systems and improve budget control with crucial memory and SSDs.

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