HP secures the foundation of your PC with solutions that are enforced by the hardware for stronger protection.

HP Sure Start Gen4     

Provides hardware-enforced, self-healing protection that automatically recovers the BIOS and other critical firmware.

HP Sure Run     

Keeps your critical OS processes running with self-healing protection- even if malware tries to shut them down.

HP Sure Click Gen2     

Helps protect your PC from infected website, malware, ransomware, and viruses with hardware- enforced security for web browsers.

HP Sure View Gen2     

Instantly protects against visual hacking, at the touch of a button on your screen.

HP Sure Recover     

Quickly and securely restore PCs to the latest image using a network connection.

HP Multi-Factor Authenticate Gen2      

Helps speed up image creation and management of hardware, BIOS and security through Microsoft SCCM.


HP EliteBook 800 and 1000 Series are beautifully designed and easy-to-manage, with cutting-edge HP security features like HP Sure Start Gen4 and powerful collaboration tools like the 360°  voice pickup, to keep your customers productive.

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