The AOC G2260VWQ6 is perfect for immersive and endless gaming sessions, with millisecond response time and high precision gaming.

New advancements provide eye protection when using gaming monitors, Anit-Blue Light Technology reduces the strain on eyes. By shifting the blue light rather than filtering it, the colours remain true and viewing experiences are made safer. The gaming is and brilliant as ever, and ensure great visual with full details, without the image tearing or blurring. Combined with Flicker-Free technology to reduce flickering, providing a more comfortable gaming experience. Minimising the effects of eye fatigue, and other eye damage during long, intense gaming sessions. The only tears being wiped away will be tears of joy, thanks to AOC Gaming Monitors!


AMD FreeSync Technology enables seamless synchronisation of GPU and monitor refresh rates without compromising on performance, all at an affordable price. Gamers only need a compatible AMD Catalyst driver, plus a supporting gaming monitor and they are ready to enjoy the smoothest gaming experience ever.

Discover the non-stop action here.

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