In today’s changing IT landscape, partners need a way to transition the complexities of IoT into immediate revenue in local edge environments. IT Deployments at remote/branch offices are more critical than ever, and for Converged & Hyper-converged solutions in these spaces, a standardised, redundant physical infrastructure is needed.

The Edge IT Program grants partners discounts of up to 15% for designing and selling simplified APC infrastructure deployments. Discounts are based on approved registration, validated designs from the new Local Edge Configurator and the number of eligible product categories in the design.

Cover any customer requirements with APC solutions:

·         Network UPS

·         Racks & Enclosures

·         Micro Datacentre Xpress™

·         Rack Power Distribution

·         Security & Environmental Monitoring

·         DCIM Software

·         Network Management Cards

·         Concurrent Service

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