Increase student and teacher performance with memory and SSDs

Shrinking education budgets make it a challenge to deliver the computer speed and reliability that students and teachers need to succeed. Overcome these limitations with Crucial® memory (RAM) and SSDs – an easy and affordable way to improve the performance of your school’s existing systems. Instead of spending money on expensive new computers, you can instantly increase system speed, save money, and get more years out of current computers with Crucial memory and SSDs.

Make technology a strength at your school

Classrooms now rely on technology more than ever before, which is why it’s critical to ensure those systems run smoothly and securely. Waiting on slow computers wastes valuable class time and causes students to lose the focus that teachers work so hard to achieve. Here’s how more memory and SSDs improve student and teacher performance.

7 ways schools benefit from more memory and SSDs
1. Maximise class time and keep students engaged
2. Boost online classes, virtual classes, and educational apps
3. Better withstand the punishment of everyday classroom use
4. Use more intensive apps or programs
5. Improve student and teacher performance without draining your IT budget
6. Avoid lengthy downtime upgrading your systems
7. Ensure compatibility with your systemsise class time and keep students engaged
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