Cisco is famous for its high performance, quality, support and value. When it comes to remanufactured Cisco equipment – why choose anything that isn’t Cisco Certified? Cisco Refresh products are remanufactured to a standard that only Cisco can achieve. Each unit undergoes a rigorous and comprehensive ISO 9001/14001 certified remanufacturing and testing process.

Remanufactured equipment provides a tangible green solution to help customers address corporate “green” initiatives. A remanufactured unit uses less energy to “remanufacture”, helping to extend the useful life of Cisco products, and reduces the amount of electronic equipment ending up in landfills. Leveraging the circular economy, Cisco Refresh forms a range of added-value lifecycle solutions that are price competitive, and a trusted alternative. The perfect solution when purchasing new equipment is simply not an option.

With prices starting at 65% off standard equipment prices, Cisco Refresh products provide a cost-effective solution as individual product needs, or can be combined with new Cisco products in a larger solution to reduce the overall cost and meet even the most challenging procurement requirements.

Compare Cisco standard and Cisco Refresh costs – see how you can save money

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