Cranford Community College in West London has undergone a technology overhaul by installing 720 Acer XC-705 desktops and KA240 monitors into classrooms, IT Suites and the new Innovation Centre.

In early 2015, Cranford Community College Senior Leadership Team were exploring how they could position themselves as a school with premium, leading edge technologies. Alan Fraser the Assistant Head Teacher proposed the installation of Acer desktops and monitors across the school.

“We had got together earlier in the year, and felt the school was missing out somewhere, which ultimately lead to decision number 1, stand out as a leading school for IT equipment”, Alan continued, “we felt, following our meeting at Acer, they could offer us more than just hardware”.

“It was important that the technology serves a need and could equip students for the future”, said Barbara Lodge, Head of IT, “it was necessary that we had consistency throughout the whole school, allowing for greater understanding”.

These factors meant opting for Microsoft based products was an obvious choice, being the industry standard. The school wanted to feel assured they were giving their students the best devices on an operating system they would use every day in their further education and working lives.

The legacy and understanding that surrounds Microsoft meant that it was a natural progression to the Acer XC-705 desktop which allowed staff to feel confident in using the machines with compatibility with existing resources not being an issue.

The consistency across the school has already played a pivotal role in learning. The improved boot up, loading and login times have allowed lessons to avoid any unnecessary interruptions, and the wider screens have increased student productivity.

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