Samsung Galaxy Tab A for students
The Samsung Galaxy Tab A – Perfect for Education

Featuring super high resolution (1920×1200) WUXGA display, the Galaxy Tab A allows students to enjoy stunning quality across webpages, photos and videos alike.

Digital playground for Students

Featuring wider drawing boards and enhanced sound effects, Kids Mode 4.0 is optimised to unleash students’ creative side. It also puts teachers’ minds at ease as they can manage viewable content and set time limits.

Versatile viewing

Ideal for standing up for students to view their favourite content.

TV and tablet become one

Switch viewing perspective in a flash. Users can simply connect via Wi-Fi to share and watch content between TV and tablet interchangeably hassle-free.

For further convenience, students can make use of the Targus 2-in-1 Pen Stylus – Fully compatible with the Galaxy Tab A.

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