BenQ’s TH683 home projector features football mode  to bring every player, every goal, every blade of grass to life! When it comes to big sports events, BenQ believes there’s only one way to fully enjoy the game.

Whether your friends are gathered for a backyard BBQ or in a bright living room watching football, a huge 100”+ projected Full-HD picture with amazing audio that can’t be beaten. That’s why BenQ invented Football Mode for the TH683, so fans van truly feel like they’re in the stadium, and part of the action.

Football picture mode
Blending precision colour tuning with digital enhancement for ultra-realistic skin tones and lush green grass Football Picture Mode of TH683 provides stunning projection to make every second of the match seem larger than life.

Football sound mode
With Football Sound Mode, you’ll hear the announcer’s every comment even as you’re immersed in the cheering crowd.

High brightness
A 3200 lumens high brightness projector is ideal for home entertainment because you can watch in relatively bright setting or in a light-on environment.

Learn more, and bring the game to life

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