Aruba offer the ideal solutions to learning in a mobile-first digital environment

Classrooms are shifting away from rows of desks, to an environment that promotes collaboration between students, teachers and learning devices, coined by Aruba as the “Optimised Digital Classroom”.

This Digital Classroom needs to facilitate 21st Century Learning, with 1:1 initiatives and Project Based Learning. It needs to provide anytime, anywhere access to Cloud-based apps, and the needs of three different user groups should be considered; students, teachers and administrators.

Requirements within a school can quickly change, particularly as 1:1 and BYOD initiatives are enacted. Aruba offers controller-less and controller-managed Wi-Fi with public cloud, private cloud and on-premises management. At any time, Aruba Instant APs can easily convert to controller-managed mode, enabling you to mix and match the right solution for the right location- district office, school site or remote location.

To mobilise your wired network, it’s important to avoid creating bottlenecks to your access switches; meaning you’ll need a Wi-Fi infrastructure that can support the demand of mobile devices along with the bandwidth-hungry applications running them. Deploying Aruba 3810 or 5400R switches with latest Aps with PoE + SmartRate multi-gigabit Ethernet unleashes the full potential of gigbit Wi-Fi, and sets up the learning environment for success.

While teachers are increasingly using video, gaming and social media to enrich learning and collaboration the risk of exposing students to malicious and/or inappropriate content increases. AppRF™ technology in the Policy Enforcement Firewall leverages deep packet inspection to classify over 1,500 enterprise apps – and features a policy wizard to block, prioritise and limit bandwidth for any app of groups of apps.

With the right network infrastructure planning, you can empower teachers and students to leverage the latest technology in devices and applications for a richer experience while streamlining IT operations across the learning campus.

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