The Philips B line monitor with USB-C connector allows simple notebook docking using just one cable for fast data and video to a crystal clear display, and even notebook charging.

A slim and versatile connector provides easy one-cable docking, 20 times as fast as USB 2.0, allowing faster 4K transfer. With the ability to connect all peripherals to the monitor as a dock with one cable to a notebook, including high resolution video output from PC to monitor. Combined with the narrow border display for seamless appearance, to minimise distractions, and maximise viewing size. Giving the feel of a larger display, to enhance viewing experience and productivity.

IPS technology provides full colours and wide viewing angles, making it possible to view the display from almost any angle – even in 90-degree Pivot mode! Unlike standard TN panels, IPS displays give remarkably crisp images and vivid colours, making is ideal for photos, films, web browsing, and professional applications that demand colour accuracy.

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