From a young age, children interact with technology in their own way. Some are comfortable typing, while others find this harder and prefer to use a pen. Technology can play a key role in soft skills, such as classroom collaboration. With intuitive software, this is a much smoother process.

Fujitsu is helping modern education through:
LIFEBOOK notebooks
ESPRIMO desktops
CELSIUS workstations.

Empowering students to make choices that could determine their economic prospects in the future is a massive responsibility. State-of-the-art robust devices and applications will meet student expectations for technology that makes it easier to learn and apply new skills. Technology can also help meet the obligations in the broader community. It is not just students that need simpler ways of working. With multiple sites and different classes to prepare for, teachers and admin staff need integrated systems that make it easy and convenient to work together.

Fujitsu offer simplicity and solutions for all with LIFEBOOK notebooks, and lightweight STYLISTIC tablets.

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