Get Ready for GDPR

The May deadline for GDPR compliance is rapidly looming into full view, by this time organisations must have established GDPR-compliant policies to ensure that anyone holding personally identifiable data can prove the security and management of that data.

Fujitsu are working with a number of partners on specific solutions for the Public Sector, looking in depth at areas such as SARs, retention periods and data handling. They also now have a solution that offers a methodical and structured approach to GDPR with impressive deployment and a proven track record of success in addressing stringent privacy laws over the last decade.

When it comes to achieving GDPR compliance the starting point recommended by Fujitsu is to conduct an assessment of relevant data held today, and where it resides, starting with the digitisation of paper-based documents through scanning and merging with digitally-born material.

The benefits of this include:

  • Better organised data, all stored in one place
  • Increased storage capabilities with cloud-based servers
  • Quicker find and retrieval of files
  • Ability to manage data more effectively
  • Easier to share information/files between colleagues and across office locations
  • Increased efficiencies/time-savings for admin staff
  • Increased office space with less physical filing required
  • Greater security of data

Contact your account manager today to see how Fujitsu’s Scanning Solutions can help your Public Sector customers comply with GDPR. Alternatively email Tech Data at print&

Alternatively don’t miss Fujitsu’s webinar that looks at what GDPR is, what the potential is for you around GDPR and helps you understand a partner solution that you can take to market. Head to

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