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Date: May 17, 2017

P2417H – Dells best-selling 24-inch Monitor

Purposefully designed for comfort and convenience.








Easily adjust the monitor to your desired angle, height, and position so you can enjoy great visuals across multiple monitors with no hassle.

  • A more seamless workflow: Slim borders create a smoother and less obstructed visual experience when working across multiple monitors.

Get more out of your computer with Crucial® MX300 SSD

Your storage drive isn’t just a container, it’s the engine that loads and saves everything you do and use. Instantly improve system performance with Crucial MX300 SSD:

  • Reaches read speeds of up to 530 MB/s and write speeds up to 510 MB/s1
  • Boot up in seconds and fly through the most demanding applications
  • 3D NAND flash technology

Upgrade or replace?